Vail Youth Voices

Choir for Elementary, Middle & High School Students in Vail, Arizona


COVID-19 Update

For the 2020-2021 season, rehearsals and concerts may be canceled due to restrictions surrounding the Coronavirus.  As a result, the start date of both Fall and Spring Semester might be modified.  It is possible that entire semesters might be canceled too.  Our priority is to keep children and families safe and healthy during this pandemic.  Choir parents will be notified in the event of any date changes or cancellations.


Do you know someone who likes to sing in the shower? 

Vail Youth Voices is a now accepting new singers who live near the community of Vail, Arizona.

Are they ready to take shower singing to the next level?

Improve their vocal skills by joining Vail Youth Voices.  Discover how using the correct amount of air can help hold notes and sustain clear pitches.  Choral warm-ups include body movements, hand signs, marching, and clapping.  Learn sight-singing and music theory.

How is sight-singing and music theory taught?

Students will learn to sight-singing pitches through stories.  Solfege hand signs, assigned to each note of the musical scale, aid in remembering pitches.  Rhythm and rests will be taught by Pirate and Patricia narratives.  Games will be played to reinforce musical concepts.

Did you know that being in a choir has many benefits?

Learning vocal technique will give singers confidence in their voice.  They can then transfer this confidence to other parts of their lives.  Singers have the opportunity to make new friends and work together as a team to produce beautiful music.  Choir also introduces singers to different cultures religions through the power of music.  Learn more about the benefits of choir.

Does your student like to perform in a group?  Sing a solo?

Vail Youth Voices has a concert at the end of each semester for students to show their singing prowess.   There are two semesters in a school year.  Semesters run from August through late November and January through late April.  Solo opportunities are available, but are completely optional.  Check our concert dates here.

What are the ages of students who can join?

Students are accepted starting in second grade through the end of high school.

Who is the Artistic Director?

Vail Youth Voices is directed by Rebecca Frericks, a highly qualified, certified music teacher.  Frericks began teaching music in 1998 and has taught choir since 2007.  Her choirs have performed at the National Service Learning Convention in 2007 and at minor league baseball games.  Rebecca’s rehearsal style incorporates movement with song in an energetic, positive learning environment. Feel free to contact her with any questions.

How many choirs does Vail Youth Voices have?

Students have the opportunity to sing in one of two choirs.  Beginning choir includes elementary and middle school students.  Advanced Choir includes middle and high school students.

How do I register?

Joining Vail Youth Voices is easy.  Simply download the choir handbook and fill out the enrollment form.  Please visit our Register Now page for additional information.