Beginning Choir

COVID-19 Update

For the 2020-2021 season, rehearsals and concerts may be canceled due to restrictions surrounding the Coronavirus.  As a result, the start date of our semesters might be modified.  It is possible that entire semesters might be canceled too.  Our priority is to keep children and families safe and healthy during this pandemic.  Choir parents will be notified in the event of any date changes or cancellations.

Our Spring 2021 Semester has been canceled.  We are hopeful to resume rehearsals in July for our Fall 2021 Semester.  


Beginning Choir is for younger students who enjoy singing.  The children in Beginning Choir are between 2nd and 6th grade.

Stories and Games

Beginning Choir kids will begin the adventure of learning to read choral music.  Entertaining stories about Do, Re, and Mi living on Solfa Street, will delight younger students.  In fact, these stories teach important musical concepts and Solfege Hand Signs.  Not only will stories be told, but fun games that teach rhythmic and melodic skills will be played on a weekly basis.

Choral Singing

In addition to reading choral music, choir students will learn how to improve their voices.  Choral technique is taught through movement.  As a result kids will get to stretch, march, clap, and make faces.  Imagination will be engaged as beginners pretend to swim, bowl, and fall into a beanbag chair.


Beginning Choir members have the opportunity to sing for two semesters in each school year.  At the end of each semester, Beginning Choir students get to show off their new musical prowess by performing in an exciting concert.


Coupled within the semesters, singers have the benefit of attending weekly rehearsals.

Concert Dates   

1st Semester:  Canceled
2nd Semester:  Canceled

*Please see our Concert tab for additional information.

Holidays and Breaks

Many parents enjoy vacation with their families over school breaks.  For this reason, Beginning Choir will observe the same holiday and break schedule as the Vail School District K-8 school calendar.

Second Semester Breaks:


Mark Your Calendars

Both rehearsals and concerts are exciting events in the life of young Beginning Choir students.  Therefore, it is super important to add rehearsal and concert dates to your calendars in advance.  Additionally, having all students attend every rehearsal and concert helps the kids put on the best show possible.  Choir is a team!  We succeed when everyone contributes.


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