COVID-19 Update

For the 2020-2021 season, rehearsals and concerts may be canceled due to restrictions surrounding the Coronavirus.  As a result, the start date of our semesters might be modified.  It is possible that entire semesters might be canceled too.  Our priority is to keep children and families safe and healthy during this pandemic.  Choir parents will be notified in the event of any date changes or cancellations.

Our Fall 2020 Semester and our Spring 2021 have been canceled.  We are hopeful to resume rehearsals in July for our Fall 2021 Semester.  


Singing in a concert, is something many students look forward to throughout the semester.  During rehearsals, kids work hard on improving their vocal technique and learning choir songs.  In a performance, students share the beautiful harmonies and songs they have learned with family and friends.  Kids are excited to dress up, look their best, and perform the finest version of every song.

Free Admission

All Vail Youth Voices performances are free of charge.  Moreover, no tickets will be required for admission.  Our concerts are community friendly events.  Those who wish to attend are welcome.  Please support the kids who sing with Vail Youth Voices by bringing your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy an energizing evening of music.

Call Time

With this in mind, Vail Youth Voices singers need to arrive early for a final rehearsal.  This means that parents need to drop off both Beginning Choir  and Advanced Choir students at the concert venue before the performance begins.  As mentioned above, this ensures that the sound quality, lights, and stage directions are ready for parents, friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy.  Also, running through our program, gives singers more confidence.  Students will be able to make singing and stage direction adjustments without the presence of an audience.  Keeping this in mind, parents need to drop off their choir students and then return later for the finished performance.

Concert Time

After the pre-concert rehearsal, singers are ready to perform.  Concert time is when the Vail Youth Voices performance is scheduled to begin.  The auditorium doors open 20 minutes before the posted concert time.  This allows parents and community members to find a good seat and be ready for this exciting event.

Concert Dates for the 2020-2021 Season

First Semester:  Winter Concert                               Second Semester:  Spring Concert
Date:  Canceled                                                          Date:  Canceled
Call Time:  Canceled                                                  Call Time: Canceled
Location:  Canceled                                                    Location:  Canceled
Auditorium Doors Open:  Canceled                          Auditorium Doors Open: Canceled
Concert Begins:  Canceled                                         Concert Begins:  Canceled

*Dates, call time, location, and concert time will be the same for both the Beginning and Advanced Choirs.

Concert Attire

Concert attire is a wonderful way for students to look professional during a performance.  Often, professional musicians are required to wear specific clothing during performances.  Additionally, the cost of purchasing choir show apparel can be a financial burden on families.  Therefore, the goal of Vail Youth Voices is to keep performance attire as simple as possible.  Singers need to wear all black, dressy clothing.  There might even be some of these items listed below in your family’s closet already.  Dressing for success will help students be prepared to enter the world of professional musicianship.

Girls:  Young ladies need to wear a black long sleeve shirt with black dress pants or a floor length black skirt with all black dress shoes. Ladies may also wear an all black floor length dress.  Wear black nylons, hose or socks with black, closed- toe dress shoes.

Boys:  Young men need to wear a black long sleeve button down shirt with a tie, black pants, black socks, and all black shoes.

Please do not wear jeans, sweats, spandex, leggings, yoga pants, sneakers, flip-flops, sandals or white shoelaces



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