Private Lessons

Why Private Lessons?

Taking private lessons helps to improve your musical knowledge, technique, and confidence.  Additionally, individual tutoring provides immediate feedback.  With that feedback, you can make adjustments that will help you improve quickly.  Also, lessons give you the opportunity to ask personalized questions and get answers. Not to mention, participating in music has many benefits.  Music lessons boost psychological, cognitive, social, and academic achievement.  Find joy in making music with private lessons.


Lessons are available in voice, piano, violin, viola, and cello.


The cost for a private lesson is $25 for a half hour, $38 for 45 minutes, and $50 for one hour.  Additionally, summer lessons are flexible.  Summer lessons include a pay per lesson schedule. It’s not a big deal if you can’t make it every week. Just let your instructor know in advance.


Lessons will be held weekly at the instructor’s home in Vail, Arizona.  In-person lessons are temporarily canceled due to COVID-19.

Virtual Lessons:

Instead of taking in-person lessons, take private lessons from the comfort of your own home.  In order to learn from home, virtual lessons are available via Skype.  Skype is a free program.


Times will vary on a student by student basis.  Please contact Rebecca Frericks to set up a time for your lessons.


To find out about our availability, please contact Rebecca Frericks.