Vocal Warm-Ups

Do you need help with your warm-ups?

This page is designed to help you practice vocal skills at home.  Practicing vocal warm-ups every day is the best way to improve your singing.  Additionally, the more you work hard on these exercises, the better singer you will become!  Don’t forget to listen carefully to yourself as you sing too.  This will help you make adjustments to pitch, air flow, and tone quality.  Also, practice in front of a mirror.  Likewise, mirrors give feedback about your posture and expression.  They can help you watch for tension around your neck.  Are you ready to start your warm-up?  Let’s go!


Stream the piano part of any warm-up below.  To be a well rounded singer, choose one warm up in each category below.  If you happen to want a greater variety of vocal warm-ups, there are links to additional exercises to help you step up your vocal technique.

Body Movement

Why is it important to include body movement in choral warm-ups?

Body movement helps rib flexibility and helps relieve tension in the body. Move your body!  Complete at least one of these warm-ups.

  • Hokey Pokey
  • Wheels on the Bus
  • Windmills
  • Quasimodo/Stir a Pot of Glue
  • Macarena
  • Wreck It Ralph
  • Imaginary Sports
  • Body Circles with Arms (Clockwise and Counter Clockwise)



How can standing with proper alignment help me to sing?

  • Check Your Posture in the Mirror
  • Line Up your Body Use the Mirror to make Adjustments
  • Make sure your body is ready to move and not rigid



How does breathing influence singing?



Did you know that buzzing automatically stops any tension in your voice?



How can I tell if I am singing in my head voice or in my chest voice?

Head Voice

Chest Voice

Connect Head Voice to Chest Voice



Additional Tips:

Not Singing Through Your Nose