National Recognition

Vail Youth Voices earned national recognition.  They received a letter of Commendation from Ann Kirkpatrick, the United States Senator from Arizona.   To earn this honor, Vail Youth Voices teamed up with Vail Taekwon-Do Academy  Together, these two groups raised funds for Kids Kicking Cancer.  Both groups worked together to plan an event called Scare-o-ling.  To begin with, both youth groups dressed in Halloween costumes. Next, they went door to door to share holiday fear.  Then, the kids sang Halloween parodies using traditional Christmas melodies.  Finally, group organizers asked for contributions to support Kids Kicking Cancer.

A national recognition for Vail Youth Voices and Vail Taekwon-Do Academy for supporting Kids Kick Cancer.

As a result, Arizona Public Media noticed the efforts of Vail Youth Voices and Vail Taekwon-Do Academy.  Later, the Scare-o-ling event was featured in Arizona Public Media’s 12th Annual Haunted Halloween Show.

As a result of this story, Senator Ann Kirkpatrick noticed that Vail Youth Voices supported children with cancer.  In the end, Vail Youth Voices was awarded a letter of Commendation from our United States Senator from Arizona.


National Letter of Commendation

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