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Are you ready to register for Vail Youth Voices?  Enjoy music, movement, connection and cultural appreciation through singing.   Don’t forget to check out the academic and psychological benefits of participating in choir.  In order to take advantage of the benefits of singing, Vail Youth Voices accepts students between the second and twelfth grade.  Find out if you are eligible to attend Beginning Choir or Advanced Choir through our website or by contacting the artistic director.  In addition, experience the thrill of performing concerts in a professional theater.  If you have any questions about registration, feel free to contact us.  See you at our first rehearsal!


Registering for Vail Youth Voices is simple.  Follow the easy steps below.

*Returning singers need to fill out a new enrollment form each August.

Step 1:  Read

To begin with, take a peek at the Vail Youth Voices Handbook and one page Summary available for download at the bottom of this page.  As a matter of fact, the handbook has important detailed information including rehearsal schedules, concert details, code of conduct, tuition payment, and an enrollment form.  In contrast, the summary is a condensed version of the handbook that is not intended to be complete, but is provided for reading convenience.

Step 2:  Complete the Enrollment Form

Now that you have read the handbook and summary, you can enroll online using our Online Enrollment Form.  The benefit of using our online enrollment form is that you can skip Step 3, Provide Notice.  When you submit an online enrollment form, it automatically generates email that provides notice for you.  If you prefer NOT to use our online enrollment form, click on the link below and print a copy of the enrollment form.  Simply fill it out.  Bring the completed enrollment form to your first Vail Youth Voices rehearsal and hand it to our Artistic Director.  To find out rehearsal schedules visit the Beginning Choir or Advanced Choir pages.  If you are tech savvy, feel free to scan, save as a .pdf and email the completed enrollment form to

Step 3:  Provide Notice

Finally, please provide verbal, text, or email confirmation that your student will be attending Vail Youth Voices.  Not only will providing notice reserve your student a spot in Vail Youth Voices, but also it will help ensure appropriate choir class sizes, part balance, and make sure your child’s choir folder is ready for the first rehearsal.  Please provide notice using the information on our Contact Us page.  Just a quick reminder, if you completed the online enrollment form you do NOT need to provide notice.  Hope to see you at our next rehearsal!

*Don’t forget to bring your tuition payment to the first rehearsal.

Enrollment Forms

*Please note that there are different handbooks, summaries, and enrollment forms for Beginning and Advanced Choir.

Beginning Choir:

Handbook Beginning

Summary Beginning

Online Enrollment Form

Beginning Enrollment Form


Advanced Choir:

Handbook Advanced

Summary Advanced

Online Enrollment Form

Advanced Enrollment Form