Credit Card Payments

Credit Cards:  Credit Card payments incur interchange, assessment, and markup fees for each transaction.  Therefore, credit cards are considered a non-customary payment.  Because of this, a convenience fee will apply.  All credit card transactions will be completed through PayPal.   To satisfy these fees an additional 8% will be added to tuition for each transaction.  The 8% fee is reflected in the prices in the drop down menu below.

Scholarships:  Payments via external scholarship programs will be accepted for tuition.  If scholarship payments need to be made by credit card, the credit card convenience fee of 8% will apply.  All scholarship payments are considered final and will not be refunded.

Sibling Discounts: A sibling discount of 10% has been added to the amount below.  After the discount has been applied, the 8% convenience fee has been added.  There are three options below based on your specific situation.  In the drop down menu below please choose the option that fits your situation.  For example, if you have two siblings in Beginning Choir, choose the Beg/Beg option in the drop down menu after the words ‘Sibling Discount’.  Likewise if you have one student in Beginning Choir and one student in Advanced Choir, choose the Beg/Adv option.  Finally, if you have two siblings in Advanced Choir, please choose the Adv/Adv  after the ‘Sibling Discount’ words in the drop down menu below.  Make sure you remember to indicate the names of both students and which choirs they attend In the ‘Siblings Names and Choirs’ box below.

Private Lessons:  Private lessons are billed 4 lessons at a time.  The amount below reflects a 5% convenience fee.

Billing Statement:  The name that appears on your billing statement and in Paypal will be Ederra LLC.

Sibling Names and Choirs