Benefits of Choir



Does choral singing increase academic success?  

Not only is singing fun, regular music instruction does have many benefits for students.  Attending music lessons raises a student’s IQ score.  Additionally, music students earn better scores in math, spelling, and reading.  Higher IQ’s and better testing scores lead to improved grades and academic success.

Music Lessons May Boost IQ and Grades

The Benefits of Music Education


How does participating in choir benefit singers mental health?  

As well improved academics, participating in choir is also has a benefits mental health.  Singing lowers stress.  Also, the feeling of togetherness can help provide emotional support.  According to studies, singers have an increased desire for social well-being.  Singing can even increase life span.  There are lots of Psychological benefits of choir!

6 Psychological and Physical Benefits of Choral Singing



What affect does music training have on the brain?

In addition to mental health benefits, music affects the brain.  A fun fact was discovered by an expert at Harvard University.  Both children and adults, involved in music, have larger brains.  The same study also concluded that musical lessons increase the number of connections in the brain.  The amazing part is that these changes in the brain last for a lifetime.

Musical Training Optimizes Brain Function


Can singing in a choir improve social skills?  

Along with brain benefits, Choir has an impact on social skills.  Choir is an activity where children work together to create music.  Singers take this teamwork into the classroom and work well in groups.  On top of improved teamwork, choir members are shown to increase self confidence.  As a matter of fact, singers are able to express themselves better.  Also, making music in a group also helps students to get along better with other children.  Singing in a choir can increase social skills.

How Children Benefit From Music Education


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